Spitting it out for good

I have flushed it right out of my life
I suddenly realized that, on a daily basis, I had been putting into my pretty little mouth stuff that nowadays I wouldn’t even use to clean my toilet bowl.

THE trouble with alternatives is that they are often unpalatable. I mean, who in their right mind would choose processed cheese over the real thing, or Smash instead of real mashed potato, not to mention Pringles as a substitute for Kettle real potato chips.

But sometimes, albeit rarely, the alternative can be better than the original, as I discovered when I started making my own mouthwash and flushed Listerine out of my life.

Now, don’t ask me why I ever needed mouthwash in the first place. All I’m prepared to tell you is that my girlfriend at the time had a strong aversion to the smell of cigarette smoke.

But I continued to buy this wretched product even after I had stopped smoking (and been ditched by the girl!) Why?

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